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Segregated Fund policies
Interest-bearing Investment options
Payout annuities


Segregated Fund

Segregated fund policies are life insurance contracts which have unique benefits, including:

Potential creditor protection - because segregated funds are part of an insurance policy, your policy may be protected from creditors.

Estate bypass - upon the last annuitant’s death, proceeds go directly to named beneficiaries, if other than the estate, bypassing the delays and expense of an estate settlement(such as applicable probate and estate administration costs).

Estate settlement options - choose a suitable estate settlement option. For example – you may wish to leave your beneficiary a life income instead of a traditional lump-sum payment.

Privacy - keep the details of your segregated fund policy private; when an estate goes through probate, the details are available to the public. With segregated fund policies, the money passes privately to the named beneficiary, if applicable.

Maturity and death benefit guarantees - segregated fund policies provide both maturity and death benefit guarantees.

Lifetime income benefit option - you can choose to receive a life time guaranteed income on selected policies.


Interest-bearing investment options

You can choose guaranteed rates of return for specific periods of time. Interest-bearing investment options come with many of the protection benefits of segregated fund policies.

  • Daily Interest
  • Guaranteed interest (GI) terms — one to 10-year terms (in whole years)
    - Renewal bonuses on GI terms
    - Rate guarantees on transfers of assets
  • Estate planning benefits
  • Potential creditor protection
  • Consolidated reporting with semi-annual statements


Payout annuities

You may consider a payout annuity if you want to place all or part of your savings into a safe and guaranteed income stream.

A payout annuity converts a lump sum payment into a periodical series of payments, comprised of the original principal used to purchase the annuity and interest earned.

There is a range of payout annuities to meet your registered and non-registered income needs. Our advisors will tailor a plan to guarantee you, and if required, your survivor with lifetime income or income for a pre-determined period of time.