Small Business Planning

Our Advisors offer professional advice for Small Business Planning. A Small Business is a business that is privately owned and operated, with a small number of employees, which generally has less than 100 employees. Typical examples include: convenience stores, other small shop (such as a bakery or delicatessen), hairdressers, tradesmen, lawyers, accountants, restaurants, guest houses, photographers, small-scale manufacturing etc.

Business Planning Pyramid
There are many different models to describe the development of a business from inception to maturity, and they generally describe the same process. The development of a business can be reflected in three distinct phases, each having its own set of concerns.

Business Planning Pyramid

Problems Facing Small Business Owners and Professionals:
As a small business owner or professional, you face many challenges not only in the day-to-day management of your business, but in ensuring its long-term viability. For some of the concerns you need to address are listed below:

  • Loss of an owner
  • Loss of a key person
  • Attracting employees/executives
  • Retaining employees/executives
  • Using the business to support retirement incomeRetaining employees/executives
  • Business investment income taxes
  • Covering capital gains tax liabilities

Our Planning Expertise for Small Business and Professionals Clients
Our planning includes the following:

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