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About Us

“Nobody plans to fail, but fails not to plan”.
Make your financial life easier with our help.

Inlink Financial Advisors Group Inc. is a financial service firm founded in 2002. We are located in the centre of Richmond, B.C., Canada.

 Sophia Ho CFP, B.B.A., MDRT is the founder of Inlink Financial Advisors Group Inc. As a Certified Financial Planner, has been servicing in the financial planning industry since1991. Having many clients from different kinds of stage is using our unique “One Stop Financial Services”.


What is Our “One Stop Financial Service”?

  1. An Integrate financial service
    We mainly offer three levels of planning:


  2. Wealth and Risk Management Approach.
    According to your financial situation, we provide professional advice. Such as tax advantage and government benefits. We also help you prioritize your investments and solve your financial problem, such as:
    • Should I contribute RRSP this year and how much should I contribute?
    • Should I buy RRSP or RESP first? Or repay mortgage?
    • Or do all of them at once? How should I allocate my fund?
    • Do I need life insurance?
    • I would like to make my own business, how can I get the funding?

    Time is essential. Wealth needs time to grow, debt needs time to repay. If anything happens to you such as death, disability or critical illness, that will cause your income to drop or vanished and your expenses to climb. Your life plan may collapse, so planning ahead is necessary. Risk Management is the foundation of financial planning, which utilizes life insurance, disability and critical illness insurance for risk transferring, ensuring you and your family are financially secure. It is a Win/Win Situation. On the other hand, property insurance is also important, not only ensuring the value of your property but a third party liability is requisite. Sometimes your negligence may cause others bodily injury or property damage which leads you to unplayable liability. Risk Management will consider all of these risks and make sure you have no worries at all.


  3. Offer Vertical and Horizontal Financial Services
    • Vertical Service means we generally cover most financial areas, such as RRSP, RESP, insurance, etc. Professional service referrals help our clients obtain the necessary professional advice.
    • Horizontal Service means offering different financial institution’s products on one area, such as life insurance product, we carry the product of Canada Life, Manulife Financial, Sun Life Financial, etc. And our advisors will help you choose the best product to suit your needs.

  5. Financial Planning is a process
    You can not expect it can be done all as once, it involves six basic steps:

    Step 1: Establish current position
    Step 2: Define target objectives
    Step 3: Develop alternative solutions to achieve stated objectives
    Step 4: Choose and implement best alternative
    Step 5: Monitor results periodically and alter plan as appropriate
    Step 6: Review current situation. Phase of life change, may vary the focus of living, Revise plan or new plan may be needed to suit the current stage and future needs.

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