Group Healthcare and Dental Care Benefits

As a business grows, it often becomes increasingly necessary to attract and retain good employees/executives. Sometimes that can be a difficult task.

Many potential employees not only seek financial compensation, but also have non-financial considerations. They may be interested in whether the employer provides convenient hours, a pleasant environment, opportunities for growth and advancement and an attractive benefit program.

Employee Benefit Plans are fast becoming a must in the competitive world of recruiting. It's an expectation for many job seekers, not an item on a wish list. For most employees, group plans are an effective solution. They can be tailored to the specific needs of employees by including everything from term life insurance to dental coverage. However, key employees/executives are attracted by personally tailored plans that include everything a typical employee would receive as well as tax-effective methods of receiving compensation.

Variety of benefits and services

  • Healthcare Benefits
  • Dental Care Benefits
  • Disability Income and Rehabilitative Programs
  • Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits
  • Out-of-Country Emergency Care

An attractive package may include an arrangement, such as a Supplemental Retirement Pension, to minimize the effect of high current personal tax rates. Such arrangements can take the form of "retirement compensation arrangements." The tax-deferral advantages of an exempt permanent life insurance contract make it an ideal way to fund one of these arrangements. Please see “Group Retirement Plan” section.

Our advisors can tailor the flexible and innovative benefits plans to fit the specific needs of your business.